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About the Company


    “COSMOS-PROIZVODSTVO” company was founded in August 2007 and is the leading system integrator in the field of tele-radio broadcasting and satellite communication, developing projects and offering decisions for networks of satellite, terrestrial and cable digital broadcasting television, transceiver VSAT stations in many regions of Russia. The company skillfully combines available scientific and technical potential and trading-commercial activity connected with deliveries equipment for digital tele-radio broadcasting and transceiver stations, control and measuring means and monitoring, engineering services and provides a full cycle of works in sphere of designing telecommunication systems and remote control systems. The company possesses long experience of interaction with foreign and domestic manufacturers of equipment and hardware-software decisions and has qualified experts and skilled managers who are responsible for implementation decisions and delivery newest samples of equipment.

    The basic directions of company integrator activity are:

  • designing and installation of federal and regional distributive networks of satellite and terrestrial broadcasting television on basis of newest equipment from foreign and domestic production; 
  • commissioning and further technical and service maintenance federal and regional distributive networks of satellite and terrestrial broadcasting television;
  • designing and installation corporative VSAT networks;
  • working out of technical decisions for regional broadcasters and cable operators on reception and transfer of digital programs in DVB-S2, DVB-C and DVB-T2 standards;
  • delivery professional headend stations of digital satellite DVB-S2, terrestrial DVB-T2 and cable DVB-C television, including for cable operators and regional broadcasters with support HBB TV and OTT;
  • delivery and and service maintenance of measuring means and monitoring;
  • delivery and adjustment waveguide strip filters for satellite reception path used as a part of satellite reception earth stations;
  • commissioning and service maintenance of terrestrial broadcasting television and radio transmission stations created on basis of transmission equipment leading Russian and foreign manufacturers;
  • delivery, commissioning and service maintenance of newest digital television DVB-T2 broadcasting transmitters;
  • creation networks of terrestrial broadcasting television DVB-T2;
  • creation networks of terrestrial broadcasting radio DAB+;
  • service maintenance: diagnostics, testing and repair professional satellite reception equipment;
  • delivery subscriber equipment (antennas, cables, receivers) for DVB-S2 and DVB-T2 distribution networks, including with support HBB TV and OTT.

    “COSMOS-PROIZVODSTVO” company offers by own clients a wide choice of equipment from Russian and world manufacturers leaders for networks of satellite and terrestrial broadcasting television and radio:

  • Harmonic Inc.;
  • Rohde&Schwarz;
  • Gilat Satellite Networks;
  • Norsat International Inc.;
  • Swedish microwave AB (SMW);
  • New Japan Radio Co. (NJRC), Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.;
  • RO.VE.R. Laboratories;
  • SY.E.S. S.r.l.;
  • COM-TECH Italia SpA;
  • Wellav Technologies;
  • Global Invacom Ltd.;
  • AlMet (Supral);
  • Unitorg;
  • Harris Corp.;
  • Huaxin.

    The basic directions of company integrator activity are:

  • satellite reception and transmission antennas;
  • terrestrial reception and transmission antennas;
  • subscriber equipment for DVB-S2 and DVB-T2 standards;
  • scrambling systems;
  • low-noise convertors and amplifiers;
  • radio-frequency cables and connectors;
  • headend stations;
  • measurement devices for television and radio broadcasting.

    "COSMOS-PROIZVODSTVO" company is:

  • the official distributor of Harmonic Inc.,
  • the authorized service center of Harmonic Inc.,
  • the official distributor of RO.VE.R Laboratories,
  • the authorized service center of RO.VE.R Laboratories.

    "COSMOS-PROIZVODSTVO" company helps own partners to solve tasks:

  • on designing, delivery, installation and commissioning, and also upgrade and service maintenance equipment of satellite and terrestrial distributive television (radio) broadcasting networks,
  • creations and upgrades of collective distributive television networks on basis of newest foreign and domestic equipment with parameters adaptation to requirements of Russian TV standards and specific operation conditions,
  • deliveries, sale and further service maintenance of specialized television (radio) broadcasting and professional measuring equipment of some leading foreign and domestic manufacturers.

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